Sammlung Preislos


"The exceptional scoop at the foundation of We Don’t Embroider Cushions Here, or rather, that the LC4 is one of the most-used fuck-props in adult films, makes this collection of steamy images a fascinating settling of scores between the celebrated designers. A modern story of revenge porn, which transfers the ingratitude and professional humiliation suffered by Charlotte directly to the LC4."

– Domus

"(The book) is over 200 pages of twenty-first-century nude or scantily clad women kneeling on the chaise in black pleather stilettos, chained and roped to it, or bent over its innovative, chromed tubular steel frame.              At times, no one’s on the chair at all; it is but a humble emblem of refinement lurking in a corner amidst the wild, hold-no-bars action unfolding around its approximately $4,000 frame. But set in this embodies the power dynamics between men and women, and it stands as an enduring reminder of Le Corbusier’s privilege and gendered dismissal of a mind stirring with as much creativity as his own.” 

– The Paris Review

"...Artist pair identifying itself as Augustine and Josephine Rockebrune picked up on the LC4’s quiet presence in porn videos, after a Google search for Tom Wolfe led to the author’s porn star namesake doing it on the LC4.  [In this book,] The duo...have excavated a fascinating perspective on cultural slighting from the dirtiest dregs of the internet..."


"It’s an unlikely synergy between sex and setting that's become the subject of the brilliant little book We Don’t Embroider Cushions Here from Sammlung Preislos.... In telling this unintended side story in the history of an iconic design, the Rockebrunes hint at capitalism's darker avenues, the territories where the desires of the consumer trump the wants and humanity of those who produce that which is desired.”

– Salon

"The Rockebrune sisters, whoever they may be, are clearly out to prick the macho mores of this complicated monstre sacré (Le Corbusier) of Modernism."

PIN-UP Magazine